Hey there everyone,
I thought I would make a quick post on my blog since last night my blog seemed very popular and I received 13 more followers. So welcome to my new peeps.

So update on my progress, I am 7 weeks post op of a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG surgery that I had done January 20, 2014. I am feeling fantastic and love my sleeve. My starting weight was 295 lbs, day of surgery was 286 lbs and today I weigh 256.2 lbs. So far I have lost 38.8 lbs. :o) this is seriously the best thing I have done for myself. I already feel healthier and am more active. Now if the cold of winter would just go away so I could start walking outside and riding bikes with my kids I’d be a super happy lady!
Anyway, I do most of my updates on Facebook and YouTube so check me out. My user name for both accounts is Rachy Peas Vsg. Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for checking out my blog!


2 weeks post op VSG update

Hello everyone,
I’m a few days late posting my two week update. Sorry about that I had some issues on Monday and was not feeling well.

Second week went great! I was very excited to try to start my puréed food diet on Monday but I was unable to because I started having spasms in my sleeve. They were painful, it felt like I was being stabbed in the chest every time I took a sip of my protein shake. So I called my surgeon and verified with the PA that the spasms were indeed the issue. I started taking my medicine for them and by Tuesday evening they were gone. I haven’t had any so far today but I took the medicine just in case. I was able to start my puréed diet on Tuesday an it was awesome! Btw, not everyone will get the sleeve spasms. Just happens to some people and I was one of the lucky ones.

On to the numbers:
Highest weight: 295 lbs
Surgery Weight: 286.0 lbs
Last week weight: 282.4 lbs
Current weight: 269.6 lbs

Total loss: 25.4 lbs
Since surgery: 16.4 lbs
Since last week: 12.8 lbs

I hope everyone has a great week! Check out my Facebook page if you’d be interested in more frequent updates! of Rachy Peas.

My list of must haves for the first weeks post-op

I’ve decided to do a quick post about the items that were/are super helpful to me.

1.Target brand chocolate protein power… This still is one of the few options I have for protein since I’m still on liquids (I’m only 10days post-op)

2. PB2 powdered peanut butter. This is fab to mix it with my chocolate protein shakes and mix up the flavor a bit. It does make the shakes thicker but if you like chocolate and peanut butter you will like this mix too! I only use 1 tablespoon of the PB2 in my shakes. You can find this at Kroger with the organic peanut butters or can order it online.

3. Baby spoons… These totally help me take smaller bites and eat slower. Love my baby spoons!

4. My Blender Bottles… I use them for all of my shakes, they are no muss no fuss! So easy to clean unlike my blender. I know there are other recipes for shakes that I will not be able to use my blender bottle but for just a quick protein powder shake they are awesome!

5. Gas X strips… After surgery you will have so much gas and it will suck. I wasn’t allowed to use them in the hospital but you can bet your bottom dollar I used it when I got home and they helped so much. I only used one strip so I wouldn’t go out and buy them in bulk. One box should do the trick.

6. My pillows… I am still sleeping on the couch recliner. It’s killing my tailbone so hopefully I can sleep in bed tonight but my pillows have been my BFF’s. I use a huge floor pillow behind my back since it was Uncomfortable to scoot all the way back into the couch and of course one to protect my belly. I used it when I sneezed, coughed, got up to walk, in the car and even when I slept. I haven’t used either pillow in about 2 days but I’m thinking they will come back into play when I attempt to sleep in bed tonight.

7. YouTube! If you don’t watch YouTube videos now I do recommended it. There is sic an awesome weight loss and weight loss surgery community on there covering a huge amount of topics. I honestly think if you are wondering about something there is probably a video about it.

8. Crystal Light (or store brand equivalent) I am a horrible water drinker… I hate water, I need some flavor. So Crystal light has been my life saver in getting my water in so I do not become dehydrated. It is so very important you get in all of your fluids! I can not stress that enough. You do NOT want to become dehydrated. It’ll suck and mean more time I the hospital.

9. A timer… If you have a hard time drinking liquids like I do a timer will help to remind you to drink! I had mine set for every 5 minutes, it was annoying so I started to remember to drink on my own.

10. Walking!!!! OMG this is just as important as your water/liquids. After surgery seriously walk every two hours you are awake. It’ll hurt but so it! it doesn’t have to be far at first. Trust me you will feel so much better when you walk. It helps a lot with the gas pains! And even when the gas is gone keep walking every two hours. I still am up every two hours even if it’s just a quick trip to the bathroom.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll post more if I think I anything else!

Post-op Day 10

Hiya! I had my 10 day post-op check up today and everything is going well. I’ve lost 21lbs since I started my pre-op diet and 13 lbs since surgery. I’m apparently an overachiever. I can also quit taking my medication for water retention and the metformin for the diabetes. My blood sugar has been in the 90’s since surgery. Yay!!!

Post op day 6!

Sorry I haven’t written many updates since my first day post op. I’ve been making YouTube videos and posting a lot on my Facebook page. So let’s see… I came home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon which was post op day 2. The liquid Vicodin that my doctor sent me home with for pain is super yucky so I try to only take it at night when I am rest to go to sleep. I do some days take it more often. My left side has a lot of pain some times.
I gained 16 lbs which I call surgery weight. (Gas, bloating and water retention) as of today I have lost it all but 2 lbs. So it looks like week one post op may be a wash for actually losing any weight. Oh well, there is always next week.
I’ve been on clear liquids since discharged from the hospital and day 4 post op I was able to add in high protein shakes. I am so sick of chicken broth and am so excited for tomorrow (post op day 7) when I can start full liquids. I’m really looking forward to some cream soups, pudding and yogurt!
Day 5 post op was really frustrating and emotional for me. I cried a lot of the day. I wasn’t getting in enough water (which I’m still not but I’m trying to get in more) and none of my clothes fit except for a pair of yoga pants that I had already been wearing for 3 days. So I was frustrated and probably a little dehydrated. I am so much better now and have so many good things coming my way. It also helps that most of the surgery weight is gone! 🙂 that’s all I can think of now… If your interested friend me on Facebook! I created an account just for my weight loss journey and it’s under Rachy Peas or Thank you reading my blog and supporting me. I truly appreciate it!!

I’m a post-op now!

Woohoo!!! Surgery is done. When I started to wake up from the anesthesia I was in so much pain and so nauseated. But since then I’ve been doing well. When I arrived in my room I already had bowel sounds and after I walked for the first time (about 2 hours after I got to my room) I started burping and hiccuping.
The pain medication makes me nauseated but I tough it out because I have a low tolerance for pain and can’t go without it. Sitting up feels good and walking helps with the pain. Walking itself is a little painful but I feel better after. Let’s see what else… My mouth is really dry… I think that May be the worst part, ice chips aren’t helping much. Some time today I’ll have May barium swallow test to check for a leek, if no leeks then I’ll start full clear liquids and can finally have the catheter removed. That’s all I can think of for now. Later taters!

What?!?!?! Surgery is when?!?!?

So my surgeons office called me yesterday at about 3:30 and below I will transcribe the conversation as i remember it… 

Me: Hello? 

Angie: Hi, Rachel? 

Me: Yup, this is. 

Angie: Hi, It’s Angie from Dr. Zeni’s office. 

Me: Oh ok, Hi.  

Angie: I’m calling to see how you are doing before surgery and make sure everything is going alright. Are you getting excited? 

Me: Oh ok, great! Things are going good and I am super excited.  Can’t wait!

Angie: Excited enough to move your surgery up two days? From Wednesday to Monday?

Me: Ummmmmm… Ooooooh…. okaaaaaaaayyyyyyy….., sure!

Angie: Great! You’ll need to start your clear liquid diet tomorrow and take your antibiotics on Sunday.  I’ll call the hospital and get you all set up for Monday.  

Me: Ok, got it, clear liquids tomorrow and antibiotics Sunday.  Cool. 

Angie: Yes, that’s correct.  Thanks so much for working with us and you will see Dr. Zeni Monday.  

Me: oh sure, no problem. OK… umm…Bye.  

Angie: have a great day, bye.  


I hang up, walk back into my meeting, tell everyone my surgery has been moved up to Monday and burst into tears! LOL  


I’m totally ok with it now, I think I cried cuz it was like whoa…. where’d my two days go!  So anyway, I’m having surgery Monday the 20th not Wednesday the 22nd.  And the clear liquid diet stinks!  I’m hungry….